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2777 Summer Street, Suite 206

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Established in 2020 in Stamford, CT, Premier Auto Tag Services was created in the home of our founder and CEO, My Le Lam. In the beginning, our company was only able to process CT and NY tags. Now we process titles and tags serving all 50 states, provide tax, title, and registration fees, and fill out DMV forms on customer's behalves. Our team of 1 has now grown to 8, and we are determined to grow the company everyday.

Meet our Founder and CEO

My Le Lam has 17 years of experience working in dealerships in the CT and NY area. She has been recognized by management of these dealerships as the top biller and title clerk in the Fairfield and Westchester County area. During the start of the pandemic, My Le was motivated by the many customers she's helped to start her own auto tag service company. Seeing how stressful the registration process is for people at the DMV, she felt obligated to use her knowledge and expertise to make the process easier for everybody and eliminate the unnecessary wait times.

Thus, My Le founded Premier Auto Tag Services and works diligently alongside her team of 7 to develop the company into something bigger every day. My Le leads the company in it's efforts to provide customers with vehicle registration and tag title services without any hassle or stress. My Le is very dedicated towards providing the best possible service for her clients- a prime example of this was when she flew across the country to retrieve a client's plates that were going to take 8 weeks to be processed by mail.

Whether it's through her collaboration with customers and dealers or determination towards achieving the best possible outcome for all, My Le makes a constant effort to ensure that all of her clients meet their vehicle ownership necessities with no inconvenience.

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